Small flock shearing involves a lot of work for fewer animals, as compared to a large flock commercial shearer. With each small flock, I approach the job with professionalism taking into consideration the needs of the animals, as well as those of the flock owners. All of this is factored into my pricing.


$50 Set-up fee 

This is the minimum charge. If I arrive and shearing cannot happen due to conditions like the sheep not being properly penned or wet, the set-up fee will still be charged. (Please see shearing day recommendations.)


$8–16 per head

This depends on breed, gender, age, condition, and growth of wool (over a year's growth is more).



Travel/Mileage Fee

$10–$40 Reno/North Valleys/Washoe Valley/Carson City/Virginia City

40+ mile driving radius from Reno, NV will be set on an individual basis




Cash (preferred)
Credit Card (with a 3% processing fee)
No Checks