Small/Tiny flockS

High Desert Shearing currently handles flocks ranging from 1–30. 


The shearing season usually runs late January to late June, weather depending. Availability can't be guaranteed outside of this timeframe. 


Flock owner: Shearing Day Prep

In order for shearing to go smoothly and effectively, there are a handful of preparations the flock owner needs to make ahead of time.
My pricing is contingent on these recommendations. If you are unable to fulfill some of them, let me know ahead of time and we'll see what can be worked out.

  1. Sheep need to be off of food and water for a minimum of 12 hours prior to shearing and not fed again until after they are shorn. For the New Zealand style of shearing, having a full stomach is very uncomfortable for the sheep and can cause them to have difficulty breathing.
  2. Sheep need to be completely dry for shearing. If there is a chance of precipitation or even dew, please keep them in a barn or fully covered/enclosed area prior to shearing.
  3. Prior to the shearer arriving, the sheep should be enclosed in a small pen near the shearing area. Essentially the smaller the better. This will ease in catching the sheep and speed up the overall shearing.
  4. Necessary for the shearing area: access to electricity; a flat, level area (can be cement, wood, or dirt); preferably shaded if outside.  
  5. During the actual shearing, the owner (or other responsible party) needs to be on hand. The shearer should not be left alone in the field without help if she needs it.
  6. Please note: I am not a veterinarian and cannot administer vaccines. If you are planning on vaccinating, hoof trimming, etc on shearing day, let me know so we can coordinate workflow.